R for Journalists


This site will help you learn how to use the statistical computing and graphics language R to enhance your data analysis and reporting process.

It was originally part of a free MOOC offered by the Knight Center at the University of Texas:

After brushing up on some basics, you’re going to dive right into dealing with the messy and disparate types of data that journalists regularly encounter.

You’ll get an introduction to packages that will help you wrangle data efficiently and effectively.

You’ll learn how to create visualizations that will communicate what you’ve discovered in your data with charts and maps.

Finally, you’ll learn how to turn your analyses into notebooks that can be shared with others in your newsroom and hopefully eventually published online for reproducibility.

These tutorials are geared toward journalists, who have to analyze data and report their findings quickly. There are other great online courses that will give a more thorough, traditional R education in statistical analysis.

© Copyright 2018, Andrew Ba Tran

© Copyright 2018, Andrew Tran